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What a challenging week it’s been!!!!¬† I have written a post and it disappeared after I published it….damn ūüė¶

Honestly, I thought this exercise will be a breeze… yeah right!¬†¬† Opinionated.. ME…never! It was amusing and interesting at the same time to sit as an observer and watch my thoughts and what I have noticed that I am always giving opinions without being asked.¬† Is this called imposing my will on others?¬† Never mind, that will be just another opinion… yikes.

It was rude awakening to realize that I have done that all my life to others and the sad part is, I wasn’t even present that I was doing it.¬†¬† Aha moment…. I totally get it now that this is why my personal, family and business relationships sucked big time.

opinion has been duly noted

I am taking the time before I speak to distinguish if that was an opinion or not.¬† This thought process is serving me well.¬† Also, I realized that I have taken things so damn personally and that wasn’t serving me.¬† From today I am choosing to be an observer and unattached even to the things that are close to my heart…. sigh.¬†¬† I am no longer stressed out and ironically, I feel at peace and ease.¬† That was a miracle in itself.¬† How Powerful is that!

No Opinions ...Homer

I have no opinion….

Have a Blessed Day

Week 4 MasterKey

What an incredible journey it has been thus far and it continues with The Master Key system. Self realization is hitting hard home that I was living my life by default…OMG!

This week learning and uncovering the “I” within, the Infinite Source that has been imprisoned and dormant patiently waiting for me to wake the hell up.¬† Now I know the importance to fine tune my Definite Purpose.

Doing my daily exercises are finally becoming a habit which is making a huge difference in my life.¬† I can feel my emotions excel and the joy, vigor and fun is definitively¬†present.¬† This is not to say that my old Blueprint doesn’t pop up….oh yes it does!!!!¬†¬†Today it was a total nag and telling me that this is just a waste of time and “forget about it.”¬†¬†Thank God that¬†I am present when it¬†shows up and¬†in that moment I choose¬†to stay on my new self discovery journey with passion as I see my DMP come alive.


I can be what I will to be.

I always keep my promises

Week 3 MasterKey

WOW! What an incredible week it’s been or should I say a roller coaster ride.

Being on this new journey of self discovery and going within is not as easy as it sounds. Actually, it has been a difficult one indeed! I hated homework when I was in school and to say the least, I dislike it even more now….yikes!

I am so present and aware how scattered my old blueprint is¬†(it truly scares me) and¬†¬†how it has not served¬†me up to now.¬†My¬†conscious mind “gate keeper” has been asleep for many years and the wrong programming has directed and influenced my life up to now…….NO MORE!¬† I am finally taking a stand for myself and my greatness! Who am I to play small and accept mediocrity.

Today, I start my new life and break the walls that were built on these rocky foundations and false pretenses. One brick at a time.

I always keep my promises

Week 2 MasterKey

We just started our second week in MKMMA and I am going through a major shift in my life.¬† As much as I have been resisting blogging and digital connections, today, I feel soooo liberated and pretty proud of myself for just doing it and ignoring my old blue print…..BAM!!! done

Being present to my Dharma and doing my homework, my life is changing and a new opportunity has opened up for me as a Live-in Nanny that excites me beyond belief.¬† Just 2 weeks ago, this wasn’t even possible.¬† Miracles do happen if you are in the flow and keep your promises. And I always keep my promises!

I can hardly wait to see my growth in 25 weeks.  I love my life!!!!