Week 4 MasterKey

What an incredible journey it has been thus far and it continues with The Master Key system. Self realization is hitting hard home that I was living my life by default…OMG!

This week learning and uncovering the “I” within, the Infinite Source that has been imprisoned and dormant patiently waiting for me to wake the hell up.  Now I know the importance to fine tune my Definite Purpose.

Doing my daily exercises are finally becoming a habit which is making a huge difference in my life.  I can feel my emotions excel and the joy, vigor and fun is definitively present.  This is not to say that my old Blueprint doesn’t pop up….oh yes it does!!!!  Today it was a total nag and telling me that this is just a waste of time and “forget about it.”  Thank God that I am present when it shows up and in that moment I choose to stay on my new self discovery journey with passion as I see my DMP come alive.


I can be what I will to be.

I always keep my promises

3 thoughts on “Week 4 MasterKey

  1. agnesbartusek Post author

    Hi Natalie,
    Today I know that there is no secret 😉 I just follow the exercise with vigor and becoming aware of my old blueprint. I sit in stillness for 30 minutes as directed and love the peace and energy around me. ❤ Thank you for asking! Have a brilliant day my beautiful lady! XOXOXOX

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