Week 6 Progression

Moving into week 6….Reading other members posts to help me with my BLOG this week and I am grateful for all the insights.  Thank you!   I am starting the more passive and visual input of the progression, programming my subconscious with the message I want to receive!

So the journey continues yet the overwhelm and mixed emotions of things that I was feeling this week. I am not discouraged, it just simply was more difficult this week then the previous weeks due to my work load and traveling. Yet as I write this I realized that  I will never be free until I free myself from the prison of my false thoughts (old programs) that are not serving me any longer on my new journey.

Thought Prison

For five weeks now I got used to observing shapes and colors, now it´s time to utilize this new habit and ”the mysterious force that never sleeps” through conscious appropriation of the habits for the benefit of my DMP.

By posting the shapes connected to my SMART goals all around my personal space, but also by creating a movie poster mirroring my DMP and placing it in my line of vision was a creative task as my space is tiny…..did I say tiny? Oh, yes I did 🙂   Even though it’s tiny, it works great as I am starting to really internalizing my DMP into my subconscious mind!

The Subby is all about emotions and the experience of emotions and faith is all about proving through my actions what I truly believe. Connecting this means that I am starting to do stuff that connects Subby to my DMP.


Now I know that my change is not going to just magically appear without me paying attention by looking within and doing the work that’s required.

With attention I will be able to overcome obstacles of any kind that appear in my path onward, and the only way to acquire this wonderful power is by practice and attaching a strong emotional feeling to the process of concentration.  This creates a voltage potential and gets the thought intention moving to manifestation…..Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!

I am grateful for another week with MKMMA and you.

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