Week 1 MasterKey

I was so grateful and blessed that I was introduced to MKMMA by Carolyn Sokil. Thank you!

During my application process and even up to now I am filled with feelings of overwhelm, excitement and apathy at the same time. Boy, am I resisting this course! The more that I resist makes me more aware that I just have to do it and take actions that are required to build my self-confidence and the life of my dreams.

Also, being technically challenged/handicapped is very frustrating and honestly, this is not an experience that I am looking forward to at my age. Feeling confused….arrrrg! Oh well, that’s only a story and I have committed to embrace this course as my life depends on it and trust me, it does 😉

So here we go…. Week 1 Webinar, OMG, it was so long that I just couldn’t stay focused…information overload!!!! Saying that, I have taken the liberty to listen to the webinar the following day at my pace, and got sooooo many golden nuggets. Very informative!  Thank you!

When I was digging dip to write my DMP and the Blog, I found myself in a place of resistance and my thoughts going hundred miles an hour…: “If I knew what my Dharma is, then, I wouldn’t need to be here”,…LOL   The great news is that I am finally looking within for my answers and not resisting the process.  Bring it on! The more feelings of discomfort the faster my subconscious blueprint will change.

I look forward to our Week 2.

Agnes Bartusek

I always keep my promises