Press Release


Interviewer: Dave Ramsey, Success from Home Magazine

Jagica Agnes Bartusek, Senior Vice President, Circle of Champions Member, ACN Canada        June 15th, 2020

Dave:  While cruising on Jagicas’ 49.54m Yacht “Sensation” and enjoying the breeze and the magnificent views of Georgian Bay in Ontario and sipping on a limited edition of Chateau Margaux 2009, Dave: I want to know, who is Jagica Agnes Bartusek?

Interview with Dave on Jagica's Yacht 2020

Jagica:  Well Dave, I am humbled and honored at the same time to have the opportunity to tell my story.  I am a mother, grandmother, an entrepreneur, chef, personal development enthusiast, leader, student, nature lover and many other things. I am not a quitter, a procrastinator, a downer, an average worker or anything like that. My mission is to bring prosperity and happiness to thousands of peoples’ lives by giving them an opportunity, a chance if you will to discover their power from within, gifts and their unique ways of being of service to the world.

Dave:  “WOW” that is so awesome!  I understand that your life wasn’t always this glamorous… can you share with me about your beginnings?

Jagica:  I would be delighted Dave.  Oh Lord, where do I start … LOL   You are right, it wasn’t always like this.  As a single mom at the young age of 21, I was struggling as a Business owner.  I lived with such a heavy burden that I didn’t even realize the toll it was taking on me and my family…. (deep sigh)  I remember feeling like a failure in my sons’ eyes because of my struggles.  And all the while I knew that my boys would love and be proud of me no matter what.  I was determined more than ever to build a better future for them and myself.

Dave:  And you definitively have accomplished that ten folds.  A stark contrast from your life style today, replete with International travel and opulent living. Tell me Jagica, what did you do to live this life of opulence?

Jagica:  Before I answer your question, would you like to refill your glass?

Dave:  Yes please …smiles

Jagica:  See Dave… if you want your life to improve, you must improve yourself.  You must make that tangible target.

Dave:  Very true

Jagica:  For me, growing was a messy business…LOL  It meant admitting to myself that I didn’t have answers and that I was living from fear. It required me to make lots of mistakes and it made me look really foolish, if not stupid 😉  Most people like myself don’t enjoy that at all.  But that was the price of admission that I was willing to pay.

Dave:  How did you overcome your fear of making mistakes?

Jagica:  Now that’s a million dollar question Dave…smiles   I was fed up of being fed up!!!!  Then, only then, I became intentional about finding out what was the real cause of my pain, agony and miserable life.   BAM, Master Key and Master Mind Alliance course was introduced to me by my good friend Carolyn Sokil on June 2015.

Dave:  Yes, I heard about Master Keys Course….Can you tell me more about it?

Jagica:  Sure Dave, this amazing course is one of a kind and you can’t buy this course for any price.  The only way you can be in this course is by a Scholarship that was paid forward by previous members.  Dave, have you heard of the movie “Pay it Forward?”

Dave: Yes I actually saw the movie.

Jagica:  Honestly Dave, this course was a God sent for me and my family.  It made me invincible with that knowledge I was able to dream bigger than I’ve ever dreamt before.  Hence the reason why I became one of the top Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Member with ACN (All Communications Network).  I am truly Blessed and grateful.

Jagica: Dave would you care to join me for a bite to eat?  I personally prepared it for us 😉

Dave:  I would be delighted

Jagica:  I am also extending my invitation to you and your wife to join me in our family summer home on Como Lake, Italy for a weekend.

Lake Como Italy 06

Dave:  Thank you so much Jagica, that is a definite yes!!!!!

Dave:  Jagica, what gets you excited to get up in the mornings?

Jagica:  What really excites me Dave is contributing to others.  Each and every month I donate 7 scholarships to Bosana Foundation for underprivileged youth to cover their Food, Shelter and education.  Also, seeing people become financially independent that lights me up inside.

Dave:  What’s next for you Jagica?

Jagica:  Dave, as I already have everything I desire and want, now a bigger and greater purpose is calling me to help others globally.

Dave:  Can you share one thing with my audience that could alter and change their life forever?

Jagica:  Sure Dave…. “Let go of what you’ve been in order to create something new and become somebody you’ve never been before.”   ….. You can be what you will to be!!!!

Dave:  Thank you Jagica for giving me the opportunity to spend this magnificent day with you.  By the way, you are an exceptional Chef.  Loved our lunch, thank you!

Jagica:  It was my pleasure Dave and I look forward to seeing you and your wife in Italy.